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Unbreaking news: ethical journalism is a Course

Unbreaking news: ethical journalism



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Unbreaking news: ethical journalism

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Fake news, alternative facts and a sea of opinion pieces make it hard to know what we should expect from journalism these days. This course will give you the inside knowledge on what counts as ‘ethical journalism’. If you’re a journo, you’ll know what you need to do to earn the public’s trust. If you’re someone who follows the news, you’ll learn how to tell the difference between good and dodgy journalism.

About this course

Without good journalism, it’s impossible to have a functional democracy. Unless the public has the information they need to elect the right leaders and demand the right policies, any democracy will be flawed at best.

It’s no secret the media is both important and powerful. We all know it’s crucial they use this power responsibly, but it’s not always clear exactly what responsible journalism looks like. When you throw the growing impact of technology on journalism into the mix, things get even more complicated.

What is the purpose of journalism? What values is it trying to uphold? Where should the media draw a line in the sand and refuse to do, no matter how important the story?

In this course, you’ll learn what philosophy has to offer the way we think about journalism. You’ll also hear from some professional journalists on how they tackle some of today’s thorniest issues. By the end, you’ll be clear on why the news matters, what makes a piece of journalism ‘good’ and why doing the right thing isn’t as easy as it always seems.

Course structure

  1. What is ethics
  2. Ethics in journalism: the big picture
  3. Getting specific about ethical journalism
  4. Contemporary ethical challenges in journalism
  5. Ethics simulation

Why you should do this course?

  • Get an organised framework for understanding how ethical issues apply to news media
  • Learn how to know whether a news source is trustworthy, based on the way they go about doing their work.
  • Acquire some general knowledge about what ethics is, the different schools of ethical thought and some of the major thinkers who have shaped the history of Western thought.
  • Hear from experienced, professional journalists on how they take these academic ideas and apply them in practical scenarios every day.
  • Gain some of the foundational knowledge required for the Master of Advanced Journalism.

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