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Systems Thinking is a Course

Systems Thinking



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Systems Thinking: A Paradigm for Change Creation

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Meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The livability of our cities. Equitable social and financial institutions. They’re all complex challenges and they all require a different approach. Systems thinking gives us powerful ways to engage with messy situations. Discover practical tools for improving the seemingly intractable problems of today to create a sustainable tomorrow.

3-5 hours
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About this course

Do you ever reflect on the challenges of today and imagine options for better futures? As our world gets more complex so do the situations we face.

What’s needed are more complex ways of thinking, such as systems thinking.

Systems thinking gives us practical tools and approaches to deal with seemingly intractable situations, both professional and personal. It opens pathways towards more sustainable futures.

This course will introduce you to the value of systems thinking when engaging with challenging real-world situations. You'll learn about the ways of thinking, sensing and being for systems thinking, as well as play and experiment with system thinking tools and apply them to the messy situations faced by you, your business or your project.

Course structure

  1. Reality is messy: What types of situations we are dealing with?
  2. What is a complex system?
  3. Strengthening our systems thinking
  4. Worldview: looking deeply into ourselves

Why you should do this course

  • Explore the need for complex thinking in sustainability
  • Work through case studies where systems thinking approaches and tools have been applied and see how systems thinking is applied in the real world
  • Apply systems thinking tools and frameworks to situations and reflect on their effectiveness
  • Reflect on worldviews (including your own) and tease out the relationship of worldviews to complex problems
  • Get a deeper understanding of reality, causality and self
  • Benefit from leading research at UTS’s Institute for Sustainable Futures

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