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Problem Solving is a Course

Problem Solving



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Problem Solving

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The future of work requires different skills. It’s difficult to keep up with the pace of change. Welcome to Problem Solving. Here, you’ll learn the essential tools, processes, and methodologies that will help you and your business adapt to disruption and complex problems. You’ll also be introduced to Growth Hacking, a new way to drive business growth.

3 - 5 hours
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About this course

No matter what industry you’re in, you're bound to be working on some sort of problem or challenge. And many of these problems will be about the impact of digital on your business, and how to harness rapid technological changes.

There are a lot of ways to approach a problem. This course focuses on three tools or methodologies that can be used to solve any problem, with a fourth that allows you to deal with business growth:

  • Storytelling: the "kipper" model
  • Customer journey
  • Design thinking + agile delivery
  • Growth hacking

Through this course you’ll be guided by UTS’s industry partners and academic experts.

A team from UTS Business School will frame the course by walking you through the future of work and the implications this has on skills development.

First up will be the impact of digital in driving the next industrial revolution and the emergence of soft skills as the adaptive skills required for the new generation of problem solvers.

You will be introduced to the importance of context in problem solving and some common approaches, including the fact that all problem solving must start with understanding the user or customer.

You will learn why storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to communicate – effective communication underpins the problem-solving process at every step. This course will take you through a simple model to structure your thoughts with the ‘kipper’ model.

Next, you will deep dive into the process of customer mapping or journey mapping with Ernst & Young. This will allow you to understand the customer experience.

The focus on the user/customer continues with an overview of design thinking and agile delivery. The team from PWC’s Insights and Experience centre will share the principles of design thinking and agile values.

Your final takeaway will be the confidence to engage with growth hacking, an emerging practice that uses technology as a means to run multiple ‘hacks’ or experiments. Its goal? To increase online traffic and grow your business.

Course structure

  1. Get started: What is this course about?
  2. Why the future of work requires adaptive, enterprise skills such as problem solving to compete
  3. Problem solving context: understanding the context of the problem helps in understanding which tool/methodology to use
  4. Storytelling with the ‘kipper’ model
  5. Customer journey mapping
  6. Design thinking and agile delivery
  7. Growth Hacking: grow your business using rapid online experiments

Why you should do this course?

  • Understand the future of work and the coming disruptions that will affect all industries
  • Learn why problem solving is a critical skillset in the digital landscape
  • Discover the tools or approaches that work best for different problems, organisations and people
  • Learn about ‘Growth Hacking’, an emerging tech-driven strategy to grow your business
  • Benefit from the UTS MBA program’s cutting-edge teaching and research

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