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Make your own podcast



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Podcasting: how to tell stories that matter

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Podcasts have emerged as a major channel for journalists and story tellers to share the stories that matter. Learn from award-winning professionals about this new medium’s opportunities for experimentation, engagement and distribution.

4-6 hours
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About this course

In this interactive course you will engage with the concepts and understanding required to create a podcast that people WANT to listen to. You will gain the insight necessary to define your podcast’s format, audience, storytelling and structure. You will be asked to think critically about existing podcasts to understand their success. You will also learn the fundamentals of marketing and monetisation, a critical aspect of making sure your stories have impact and are sustainable in the long term.

A starting point will be to examine the benefits and challenges of podcasting’s different formats:

  • Solo Shows
  • Interviews
  • Multi-hosts or Roundtables
  • Documentary or Long form

The next step is to confront the the editor’s favourite question: “Why should I care?” You will learn a structured way to approach this question, helping you to stand out among the hundreds of thousands of podcasts already published.

Through this course, you will develop an understanding of how to structure a podcast and keep your audience engaged. You will gain the confidence to tell stories artfully and to draw listeners in, alongside a primer in the critical areas of scripting, voice performance and hosting.

The final step will be engaging with marketing and monetisation: how to take your podcast to market and develop an audience. You will also deal with the critical question of whether (and how) to monetise your podcast.

Hear from award-winning industry experts, including:

  • Melanie Withnall, Managing Director, 2SER
  • Emma Lancaster, from Trace podcast and Producer, The Wire
  • Miles Martignoni, Podcast Editor, The Guardian Australia
  • Tracey Holmes, Journalist and Presenter, ABC News Radio and The Ticket podcast
  • Eurydice Aroney, Walkley-award winning journalist

Course structure

  1. What is a podcast? How is it different to radio?
  2. Defining your podcast: focus and audience
  3. Structuring your podcast: narrative and format
  4. Production: scripting, voice performance, getting good audio and hosting
  5. Marketing and money: how to choose the right platform for promoting your podcast and the question of monetisation

Why you should do this course

  • Discover a new way to tell your stories through podcasting and reach a global audience
  • Understand the fundamentals of successful podcasts
  • Develop a framework for creating your own podcast
  • Learn how to produce and market a podcast
  • Hear from award-winning industry experts from media organisations 2SER, The Guardian and ABC News Radio
  • Learn from the teams behind successful podcasts including Trace, The Ticket and Glam City

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