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Genomics in Healthcare is a Course

Genomics in Healthcare



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Genomics: Where Does It Fit in Healthcare?

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Stroke. Diabetes. Asthma. Schizophrenia. Heart attack. These are just some of the debilitating, and sometimes fatal, complex diseases that the field of genomics is unlocking the secrets to.

This course will help you discover the way genomics is contributing to and impacting on medical science – from prenatal checks to end-of-life care – along with its ethical, pharmaceutical and clinical implications..

4-5 hours
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About this course

20 years ago, experiencing a stroke was especially distressing if you were fit and healthy. Today, we have the potential to predict people who may be more likely to experience these types of common diseases. Treatments can be targeted in more precise, patient-centred ways. That’s because we have finally unlocked the secrets of our DNA.

Genomics is transforming healthcare by allowing practitioners access to additional biological information about disease. This means a more targeted and relevant disease management plan for patients. But such change naturally brings ethical complications. Imagine knowing, for example, that a mother’s unborn child is more likely to develop breast cancer or some other rare disease..

In this course you will be introduced to the way that genomic information is informing our knowledge about health conditions through the entire patient lifespan, from prenatal through to end-of-life care. You will understand its implications from both a healthcare-professional and patient perspective. By adapting to genomics and harnessing its potential you will place yourself at the forefront of healthcare practitioners.

Through this course you will be guided by academics, researchers and practitioners from healthcare facilities and Australian genomics centres. You will also hear from patients impacted by rare diseases. You will be able to share their expertise and experience to develop the ability to engage with the broad relevance of genomics in healthcare.

Course structure

The course structure is being finalised but will include:

  1. Genomics and the promise of clinical utility
  2. Ethics and challenges of access to personal information
  3. Actionable pharmacogenomics
  4. Risk and diagnostic testing

Why you should do this course

  • Increase your genomic literacy through a succinct and clinically relevant course
  • Understand how recent advances in genomics will influence your clinical practice
  • Stay ahead of a trend that health professionals worldwide are embracing
  • Learn about new treatment options
  • Gain the foundation for undertaking an accredited CPD course or postgraduate qualification such as the UTS Master of Advanced Nursing

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Why you need to stay ahead of a trend that health professionals worldwide are embracing

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