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Genetic Counselling is a Course

Genetic Counselling

Started Aug 3, 2018


Full course description

Government is investing in research that is driving the introduction of genomic technology into routine healthcare, meaning that access to information about our genetic makeup will be increasingly available. Genetic counsellors are allied health professionals who work at the interface between genetic and genomic science, and the individuals and families living with inherited conditions. In this course we introduce a fictitious family with a family history of cancer and explore the ways a genetic counsellor might work with them. We start with genetic counselling in 2018, reflect on the way history informs the development of the profession, and look to the future as we consider new directions for genetic counsellors. You will be guided by academics who are preparing the next generation of genetic counsellors and hear from practicing genetic counsellors working in a range of roles. You will be encouraged to think about the ways in which the profession of genetic counselling is evolving and the opportunities that lie ahead. If you are curious about genetics and genomics and some of the people who work at the interface between science and families, this course is for you!

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