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Journey through Data is a Course

Journey through Data

Started Aug 22, 2018


Full course description

Creating a Data Journey

Data doesn’t lie, right? Actually, data tells a story – as long as you know how to ask the right questions. In this course, you’ll learn how to engage with data in a systematic and strategic way. You’ll gain the confidence to tell a data story and fact-check data-based claims.

5 - 8 hours
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About this course

Data pervades almost every aspect of modern day life. But using data is not a straightforward exercise. Raw data and data taken out of context can be misleading. What’s needed when using data as part of an argument is the ability to tell a data story.

In this course, you will discover that data tells many stories as long as you learn to ask it the right questions. This process is a journey.

To start on this journey, first, you will learn how to explore a dataset, find out what stories it is telling, and then use it to tell your own story for maximum impact. Doing this well requires curiosity and an inquiring mind.

You will learn to ask questions like: why does that peak happen there? Should things be doing that? Or is it an error? What does it mean?

You will then engage with some of the analytical skills required to assess a data story’s trustworthiness and accuracy. You will discover how to determine whether data and data sources are valid.

Finally, you will identify your own contentious issue. You will look at how data is used (and abused!) as evidence in arguments. In the process you will examine stakeholder perspectives, learn to map arguments and understand cognitive bias.

Course structure

  1. Data Journeys: discover the tools required to tell (or test) a compelling data story
  2. Data perspectives: understand why data matters
  3. Working with uncertainty: assessing and analysing data stories
  4. Social media: the impact on broadcast media
  5. Dealing with disagreement: develop a framework for approaching contentious issues

Why you should do this course?

  • Learn to ask the right questions about data and find out what stories you can tell
  • Engage with data systematically and strategically, and learn how to tell a data story
  • Learn how to explore data and tell your own story for maximum impact.
  • Benefit from teaching and research directly drawn from UTS’s Master of Data Science and Innovation

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