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Get Ready for Blockchain is a Course

Get Ready for Blockchain



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Get Ready for Blockchain

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Believe the hype: blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, is set to transform, well, everything. Its influence will extend beyond cryptocurrencies to all aspects of business, government and everyday life. Find out what blockchain is and how it could solve some of the Internet’s wicked legal problems.

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About this course

In this introductory module we look at how blockchain can solve some of the most critical issues for online transactions:

  • Trust
  • Reputation
  • Transparency

You will hear from our academic and industry experts and develop a sound understanding of blockchain and its revolutionary decentralised and distributed trust model. You will learn about critical concepts like the trust protocol; consensus, immutability and transparency; and, public and private blockchains.

Find out how its current and potential applications extend well beyond cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and imagine a trans-national world where blockchain could safely manage and verify all your personal records, from qualifications to citizenship.

The next step will be to examine the way in which blockchain solves issues of reputational trust across a range of industries. It is a technology that offers potential solutions to issues ranging from corporate identity to supply chain integrity.

UTS's Dr Philippa Ryan and ADCA's Nick Giulietto will share their experience and expertise, complemented by interviews with industry and government leaders.

Course structure

  1. Get started: What is this course about?
  2. What is blockchain and why should I care? Blockchain 101 and a primer on how blockchain solves problems the internet has created
  3. Blockchain as a grain of truth: how blockchain can solve issues of reputational trust across different industries

Why you should boost your knowledge

  • Get across a technology that lots of people are talking about but very few understand
  • Identify the risks and opportunities for your business or industry
  • Find out why blockchain is a game changer like the internet
  • Learn for free at your own pace

Meet the experts

Find out why blockchain is a game changer when it comes to trust in a networked, digital age

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