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International Journalism is a Course

International Journalism



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International Journalism: Global Reach, Global Impact

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Journalism today has more potential than ever to shape public opinion. News is international, enabled by new technologies that connect global audiences, 24/7. This course will introduce you to international journalism and help you think critically about global news, major stories and the impact of culture and technology.

3 hours
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About this course

Driven by new technologies like live streaming and social media, international journalism is increasingly the means through which we come to know the world around us. But how does it operate? What is the difference between news and newsworthiness? How can we distinguish between good and bad reporting? Importantly, how do we use ethics and cultural awareness to ensure the right balance of stories – both in terms of perspective and geography.

Through this course you will gain a detailed understanding of international journalism’s context: the ways that news is created through various platforms and technologies, and distributed through major media networks. You will learn what makes a story international and how we define global news today. A critical component of this will be to research, reflect on and analyse current news stories.

You will engage with the concept of a global public sphere and how mass media, social media and international journalism might enhance (or impoverish) this. For example, how has social media impacted on the quality of public debate? What constitutes journalism culture? What principles can be applied to a journalist’s role in news creation?

Finally, you will engage with examples of international journalism best practice. By its conclusion, you will gain an understanding of the ways in which journalists have the potential to make a huge impact.

Course structure

  1. Prepare for international journalism
  2. The process of news
  3. Journalism: culture and roles in news creation
  4. Wrap up

Why you should do this course

  • Engage critically with the world of international journalism
  • Understand the global news cycle and the technological, ethical and cultural considerations that guide it
  • Think deeply about the role of journalists in shaping the global public opinion
  • Study with academic experts from UTS’s Master of Advanced Journalism
  • Gain some of the foundational knowledge required for the Master of Advanced Journalism

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